4k Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Take collaboration to a new level

Bring your ideas into focus with engaging visuals and videoconferences that illustrate ideas and encourage teamwork and innovation. Our high-quality, high resolution screens with interactive features empower your teams to collaborate, share, edit and annotate in real-time, wherever they are working. A range of screen sizes and resolutions mean you can find an interactive flat panel display (IFPD) to meet your department's or organization's specific business need.

Accelerate user adoptions with plug and play functionality to get you started fast
Flexible business application integration and device connection options
Enhanced sharing with two-way collaboration between two or more interactive white boards
Leverage advanced collaboration software for dynamic presentations, brainstorming sessions, and meetings

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See how IFPDs are transforming organizations

Powerful visuals stimulate creativity, new ideas, and provide experiences that engage the different learning and thinking styles of your teams, customers, and audiences for more productive meetings. Interactive whiteboards also enhance meetings with distributed teams, remote workers, and employees on-the-go. See the results organizations that have implemented interactive flat panel displays and interactive whiteboards have experienced.

Choose the best controller for you

Our IFPDs feature integrated device controller options to ensure the best application performance for your office or classroom. Choose the i5 controller for standard business use, the i7 for advanced video rendering, or the i5 for classroom that comes bundled with interactive education software. All controllers connect seamlessly for a complete unified communications solution.

Find the right screen for your conference room or home office

Our interactive flat panel displays come in a variety of sizes and resolutions for the best possible visual experience. Mount an 86" screen in a large conference room for company meetings. Put your 55" screen on the wall of a small meeting room or on a mobile stand, to use it where needed most. Or use a 32" screen to enhance collaboration and communication from your home office.


RICOH D5530 & D6520 BK

55" and 65" UHD Interactive Flat Panel Display's

  • Crisp 3840 x 2160 Ultra-HD Resolution
  • DLED Backlighting & Anti-Glare FLatFrog Touchscreen
  • Real-Time Project Collaboration - Up to 1000 Participants!
  • Videoconferencing via the Application of Your Choice
  • Mobile Stand Available - Switch from landscape to portrait
  • Simple, Modern Control Configuration

RICOH D7500 & D8600 BK

75" and 85" 4K Interactive Whiteboards with Business Controller or Windows 10 Controller

  • Brilliant 3840 x 2160 4K Resolution
  • Anti-Glare FlatFrog Touchscreen
  • McAfee™ Antivirus Software
  • Interact in Real Time on Your Private Network
  • Mobile Stand Available
  • Simple, Modern Control Configuration


PJ WX4152N & PJ WX4152Ni

Ultra-Short Throw Projector

  • 360° Projection
  • 1280 x 800 WXGA Resolution
  • Screen Size up to 80"
  • Seamless Streaming with Miracast™
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Widescreen Projection with Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology



Lightweight Communication Workstation

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easily accessible for up to 20 remote locations
  • High-quality audio and HD video for clearer communications
  • Simple, intuitive interface for convenient operation
  • Ideal for any environment, including business-to-business, educational, health care, legal and more

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