Brian Parisi Copier Systems, Inc is an approved member of the Ricoh Eco ELITE Excellence Program

Our products, services, and programs can help you achieve your goals.

What is Ricoh Eco Excellence?

Being designated a "Ricoh Eco Excellence" dealer recognizes our commitment to putting sustainability efforts into practice in our own business. It also signifies that our team is prepared to talk with you and advise you about ways to improve sustainability in your organization.

Benefits to You

Our portfolio of hardware, software and services can help you reduce paper and energy consumption while maintaining productivity - and even reducing costs. You can look to us for the right environmental technologies and know-how to meet or exceed your sustainability goals.

How Was Brian Parisi Copier Systems, Inc Selected?

Membership in the Ricoh Eco Excellence Program is awarded only to dealers that meet key criteria - including the dealer's track record of environmental sustainability commitment and ability to provide customers with education, awareness, program support and guidance.

We Know Green Technology

Whether you have a hard target goal for resource reduction or just want to improve the sustainability of your workplace, your Brian Parisi Copier Systems, Inc sales representatives can walk you through major sustainability improvement areas including modernizing printers, printing more efficiently, making use of digital processes such as document management & integrated cloud management and creating sustainable workplaces.

Brian Parisi Copier Systems, Inc is your partner in driving sustainability

Modernize Printers

Many Ricoh devices deliver superior energy performance by adopting unique technologies and features - such as Quick Start-Up (QSU), energy-efficient toner and low Sleep Mode electricity consumption. Ricoh has been a strong supporter of ENERGY STAR®, and we strive for "practical" energy performance to achieve the ENERGY STAR qualification while maintaining ease-of-use. We are a charter member of the EPEAT® (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) program - a comprehensive environmental procurement standard (IEEE 1680.2) for imaging equipment that helps customers identify greener products through the rating of various environmental attributes.

Print Efficiently

A green technology infrastructure can give you the tools to solve your workplace printing challenges while reducing energy usage and resource waste. Ricoh's intelligent hardware and software can help you make the most of your print infrastructure, giving you powerful capabilities such as Device Usage Reporting, User Tracking and Charge-back, Rules-based Printing and more. Our print solutions can help you extend environmentally friendly printing to everyone - including mobile employees and guests. Mobile friendly capabilities, such as Secure Document Release, help provide flexibility while combating potential energy, paper, and toner waste.

Use Digital Processes

Ricoh's comprehensive technology can help you go green by going digital - enabling seamless document conversion, high-quality image capture, paperless file storage, digital collaboration and more. A comprehensive sustainability improvement plan takes into account many kinds of processes that rely on paper. Ricoh solutions give you the tools to capture, classify and route various data formats to where you need them. From digital mail delivery to paperless accounting processes to enabling the capture of electronic signatures in the field, we can help you create an efficient digital workflow that saves paper, saves energy or both.

Create a Sustainable Workplace

We can help you reduce your overall environmental impact through changes in your workplace - from transforming meeting and conference spaces to reducing discarded handouts with digital presentation technology. Video collaboration between remote offices or with customers can reduce a portion of required travel and its associated CO2 impact. In addition to helping customers meet sustainability mandates and discover ways to conserve energy within their facilities, Ricoh is delivering data center computing capacity and IT services from facilities that employ sound environmental practices.

Fast Facts

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award, awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). (2017)

Leading Company in Climate Change Disclosure, recognized by the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index. (2014-2015)

Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World for ten consecutive years, given by Corporate Knights, Inc. (2005-2014)

Recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and has obtained the industry best score in three categories: Innovation Management, Product Stewardship and Digital Inclusion.

A charter member of the EPEAT® (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) program.

Ricoh and Brian Parisi Copier Systems, Inc can help you recycle and recover resources

Ricoh and Brian Parisi Copier Systems, Inc can help you recycle equipment, toner and supplies with our unique take-back programs. We aim for effective resource use by engaging in recycling with lower environmental impact and higher economic benefits. We also work to reduce the input of new resources in product manufacturing. We do this by placing higher importance on producing smaller and lighter products, extending the life of our parts, reusing products and parts, adopting recycled materials and utilizing recyclable resources. We are committed to being more environmentally friendly without sacrificing the quality of our color printers and copiers. Contact us today for more information.

We serve clients in The Greater Buffalo area, Rochester, Wyoming/Niagara/Erie Counties & all throughout Western New York.